FUE Method Hair Transplanting


Hair transplanting is the most convenient method of having their hair back for  the people who have lost their hair. Hair transplanting makes it possible for the people to have teir hair back in the most natural looking way, because patients’ their own hairs are planted in their hairless areas and the hairs to be planted are taken from the backhead region (donor area) where no hairloss is possible. This technique is done with the patient’s own hairs and result is as real as if the hair had never been lost.

All the operation is done under local anesthesia. The backhead area where the hairs are taken and upper head skin where the planting is done are under local anesthesia, so no pain is felt by the patient.

 Having been applied in the year 2002 for the first time, FUE method is accepted as one of the most popular way of hair transplanting today.

The Application of FUE Hair Transplanting

In FUE method, the hair roots are taken individually from certain parts of the head and they are transferred to the hairless parts. Before the extraction step, the follicles of the donor area are shortened to 1 mm lenght. Both the donor area, where the roots are taken, and the target area, where the planting will be done, are anesthetized with the help of local anesthesia. So no pain is felt by the patient.

Each follicle units, known as grafts may have up to 2 or 3 hair roots. With the consideration of the hairless area and the donor area, up to 2000-6000 grafts can be taken out in one session. If the grafts taken out are not enough fot the need of the patient, expert staff of Plus Hair Clinic can take more grafts out from the sub-beard and chest are of the patient. Small dot shaped scars mey appear after the operation, whereas these scars will afde away within 5-6 days and a very natural vision is possible then. That is why this technique is also called as no-trace technique.

Why Should You Prefer FUE Hair Transplanting?

A successful result will be achieved in FUE method hair transplanting when it is done by experienced staff. No stitch or incision is needed in this method. There will be no permanent scar sign. FUE method can be used for both men and women. Patients can resume their daily lives in relatively shorter periods without feeling any pain as the recovery is faster. A natural look is achieved when the new hairs grow. Hair density is mostly achieved as it is planned.

Advantages of FUE Technique Hair Transplanting

What makes FUE technique more advantageous than the other methods are,

  • - No stitch or incision is needed when grafts are taken. Only a few minor scratches may appear and they fade within a few days.
  • Using FUE method, roots taken from the back of the head may be used to be planted in hairless area as well as eyebrows, moustache, beard areas.
  • Depending on the number of roots taken from the donor area and the baldness, it is possible to plant up to 50-60 hair roots per centimeter square.(50-60/cm2)
  • Planting will be done with the help of local anesthesia. So no pain is felt by the patient.
  • Not the tissue but the follicles are taken out only.


Why do we lose hair?

- Genetic factors

- Some medications

- Hormonal imbalances

- Nutritional habits

- Some disorders (goitre, lack of biotin, polycystic ovary syndrome)