D.H.I. Method Hair Transplanting (Direct Hair Implant)

As it can be understood from the name it was given, D.H.I. (Direct Hair Implant) also known as “pencil method” to plant roots in the hairless or thin-haired regions with the help of “choi pen”. Hairs collected by FUE method are planted to hairless area of the head with the help of special pens. The most remarkable property of this technique, which can be seen as the developed form of FUE method, is that, no headshave, no stitch or incision is needed and therefore no scar is left after the operation. The purpose of this method is minimizing the duration of solution waiting time.

Advantages of DHI Transplanting Method

-The most important advantage of this technique is that it is possible to practice the planting process     on the scattered hair area

-Recovery process is much faster

-No headshave, no stitch or incision is needed

-Hair Transplanting is done without harming healthy hairs

-This method is generally preferred by women who don’t want to shave their heads (Nobody can   understand whether the patient had a hair transplanting)